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    EAGLE PEAK is a premier pop-up canopy, gazebo, and greenhouse products brand that delivers innovative products with ease of use, combined with premium design aesthetics and unmatched service.

    EAGLE PEAK has vertically integrated with one of the largest pop-up canopy and greenhouse manufacturers in the world.

    We invest in our own product testing and product innovation laboratory to ensure that our product meets and exceeds industry quality standards and requirements.


    EAGLE PEAK Badge of Quality 

    The EAGLE PEAK Badge of Quality represents our commitment to deliver the most innovative, state-of-the-art products, designed and built to meet or exceed industry standards at the most competitive prices.  Our world class customer service team will go above and beyond to resolve product quality issues until you are fully satisfied. 

    EAGLE PEAK Innovation

    We are relentless in our efforts to innovate new ways to bring you safe, hassle free, quality products. Our International & North American Product Development and Design teams work tirelessly to improve upon the status quo and deliver better looking and better functioning product to you.