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    Greenhouses, Raised Garden Beds, Heaters & Accessories

    Eagle Peak hobby greenhouses are your perfect helper in the garden whether you need a temporary mini solution, a warm and bright location for seed starting and propagation, a structure for year-round gardening, or overwintering protection Our greenhouses are great for keeping your plants warm in the shoulder seasons, healthy and thriving in the summer with lots of ventilation, or frost-free protected in the colder winter months. We offer you a vast selection of sizes and shapes of pop-up walk-in greenhouse canopy tents that are full of space for all your outdoor plants and seedlings.

    Eagle Peak also has a line of indoor grow tents for your indoor gardening needs. We offer multiple sizes that are packed with features for ventilation, ductwork, inspection windows, drip trays, and frames to support auxiliary fans and lighting. Our grow tents have oversize doors for tending to the plants and bright, reflective silver mylar to make sure that all parts of your plants get the light they need.

    All our pop-up greenhouse tents have innovative, easy-to-use technology that makes setting up a breeze. They are also super durable and made with high-quality materials to ensure longevity to your greenhouse canopy tents and grow houses.

    Don’t forget—we have the Eagle Peak Promise, giving you a one-year limited protection warranty on all our pop-up greenhouse and indoor growing tents.