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    Greenhouses & Grow Tents

    Greenhouses & Grow Tents

    Pop-up greenhouse tents are your perfect helper in the garden and keep your plants thriving all year round! They are great for keeping your plants frost-free and allowing you to garden in the colder months. Eagle Peak offers you a vast size selection of pop-up walk-in greenhouse canopy tents that are full of space for all your outdoor plants. We also have a hydroponic grow tent to create optimum growing conditions for your plants.

    All our pop-up greenhouse tents have innovative, easy-to-use technology that makes setting up a breeze. They are also super durable and made with high-quality materials to ensure longevity to your greenhouse canopy tents and grow houses.

    Don’t forget—we have the Eagle Peak Promise, giving you a one-year limited protection warranty on all our pop-up greenhouse tents.